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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Hassan Bukhari and I am licensed Mississauga Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Realty Systems Inc. Hiring a licensed Mississauga Real Estate Agent in now important more than ever. A licensed Realtor can tell you all the trends going on in your neighborhood and can give you all of the pricing of home currently for sale and also sold homes in your neighborhood.

A Mississauga Real Estate Agent can properly market your house bringing all sorts of advertisements vehicles to you including.

  • Videos
  • Virtual Tours
  • Your Property Website
  • Print Advertisement
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Internet Listings and many more

One of the important things a Mississauga real estate agent does is to help you stage your house and also helps you with any repairs that might be necessary to maximize the sale price of your house for sale in Mississauga. Emphasizing only the repairs that would be important and that will help you and not the things that are not necessary.

Staging of your home for sale in Mississauga is very critical and Mississauga Realtor can of course provide all the details of the services for you and will help re arrange your furnishers and do anything necessary in that regard.

We always have people who can help you in repairs, Roofers, Plumbers, AC and Heating repair man, Furnace people and electricians, anything you need to maximize the sale price of your Mississauga homes for sale. Mississauga Real Estate Agent is here to help you get the best possible price in shortest possible time.

A critical part of the transaction is to make sure that the buyer is pre qualified with all of the necessary documents. A professional real estate agent is a person to guide you through the process at this most critical time. There are a lot of forms and contracts that can be very daunting and your Mississauga Real Estate agent will go over all of these with you and explain it to you in terms that make sense. This is a very important part of the transaction and you need a professional to guide you thorough so you have the understanding of the entire process.

Once you receive an offer on your house, your Mississauga Real Estate Agent helps you negotiate the contract so that you receive the absolute best terms and conditions. There are home inspections to be done, attorney approvals to be obtained and a very specific time line that need to be followed. Your Mississauga real estate agent will guide you through this whole process to make sure you get to the next step which ultimately calling the moving company and moving on to your next new home.


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